Lutfi ZharkuMinister of Infrastructure


Minister Lutfi Zharku, was born on 1962 in Kaçanik. Primary and secondary school he finished in hometown and continued his studies at the Faculty of Economics in Prishtina.

Being one of the most distinguished student, he was awarded with 3 year university scholarship. He continued postgraduate studies at the University of Belgrade in the field of monetary economics and banking, whereas the title of doctor of economic sciences achieved at Faculty of Economics at the University of Pristina in July 2009 on topic of implementation of the euro and its impact on Minister Zharku has been teaching in the Department of Banking, Finance and Accounting at Faculty of Economics of the University "Kadri Zeka" in Gjilan, where he is in full time employment from October 1, 2014 and has the academic title of professor assistant.

In addition, from October 2012 is engaged as a lecturer on Finance and International Finance at Faculty of Economics of the University "Hasan Prishtina" Prishtina at both  Bachelor and Master studies, and from October 2011 until his appointment as Minister for Infrastructure he lectured Advanced Corporate Finance (master level) and Analysis of Financial Statements (bachelor) in college Minister Zharku after graduating at Faculty of Economics in Pristina was employed for the first time in October 1986 in enterprise for the production of construction material "Sharri" in Hani i Elezit, which consisted of four construction material plants with about 2,000 employees.

Showing dedication and professionalism employment only after 7 months (May 1987) he was appointed on the position of Financial Director of " Sharri”, and after two years (1989) promoted as commercial-financial director, becoming one of the youngest executive managers in Kosovo, which position he held until August 1991, when it was expelled by extraordinary measures taken to SHARRI by the Serbian authorities. Until 1998 he was involved in the family business in the trade of construction material.

After the liberation of the country for several months worked in the Department for Trade and Industry within Joint Interim Administrative Structures, and in  June 2000 again returned to the cement factory "Sharri" in Hani i Elezit which was commercialized by HOLCIM) on the position of commercial director and the Deputy CEO, which position he held until January 2008, when he was appointed as Minister in the Ministry of Trade and Industry within Government of the Republic of Kosovo.

In the  public life Minister Zharku was involved from the first local elections in Kosovo being elected municipality assembly member in Kaçanik (October 2000) as one of the most voted candidates among the LDK. In the second local elections (2002) again was elected municipality assembly member, which position he held until the second national elections (October 2004), when for the first time was elected member of the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo (2nd legislature).

In January 2008 he was appointed as Minister of the Ministry of  Trade and Industry, which position he held until October 2010, while at the same time he was also a member of the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo (3rd legislature). In the national elections in December 2010, he was re-elected as a member of the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo (4th legislature), and in December 2014 was appointed Minister in the Ministry of Infrastructure.

In addition Minister Zharku held other public functions. In April 2002 he was appointed by the SRSG as a member of the Independent Review Board for Tax Appeals, while in February 2008, was appointed by the Assembly of Republic of Kosovo as a chairman of this board. During the period November 2003 - December 2005 also he was as a member of the supervisory board of a Regional public enterprise for  waste collection "Pastërtia" Ferizaj.

Minister Zharku speaks English and Serbian languages. He is married with Merita and they have three children (Donika, Arian and Teuta), and he lives in Kaçanik.

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